An excerpt from the stories of the covenanters

Here is a conversation of a Scottish mother instructing her son, Ralph, with the gospel.
We learn my son, from the works of nature, that there is a God of infinite power. Wisdom, and goodness, but we cannot discern by all that is around, our relation to Him. Our own hearts, as well as the unjust actions we commit every day, inform us that we are sinners, and that we need a savior. But of this Savior, the works of nature give us no intimation; it is the Bible that reveals God to man, as a God of mercy, willing to be reconciled to us through his own Son. It is the Bible that teaches us our duty to our God, and to our fellow-creatures-what we ought to do in time, and what we ought to expect in eternity. There we learn that God is not only all-powerful, and all-wise, but also infinite, holy, and just; hating all manner of sin; and bound by his own word to punish every transgression of his holy law. There we learn, too, that we are great sinners, have broken his law, and have exposed ourselves to everlasting punishment; that we are dead in trespasses and sins, totally unable either to keep his law, or to ransom ourselves from its curse. But the Bible does not, you know, leave us in this hopeless state. It tells us, that our God is merciful; that he so loved the world as to send Jesus Christ, his well beloved Son, into it, to fulfill the law for us, to suffer and die for us. Jesus, you know had no sin of his own; he was holy, harmless, and undefiled, and separate from sinners. But he died for our sins, and rose again, and ascended up into Heaven, to plead for us in the presence of the father—to plead, that through his merits our sins may be forgiven, and we received, in due time, into those mansions of happiness which he is preparing for us.
“Do you then, dear son, know and feel yourself to be a sinner, guilty in the sight of God’s law, and utterly undone for ever, unless Jesus Christ clothe you in his righteousness, and plead with his father that your sins be forgiven through his own blood? Do you believe on this Savior? Do you think he is able and willing to save you? Have you placed all your hope for time and eternity on him, alone? Alas! Kind as our Savior is-able and willing as he is to save to the uttermost all who believe on him; many will not listen to the invitations of his mercy, nor accept of his offered pardon! So much hath sin darkened the human mind to its own best interest, that none can believe on him, until understanding is enlightened by the spirit of God, and the heart made willing in the day of his power. Pray then, my son, pray that his Holy Spirit may come into your heart, and abide in it for ever. This is the promise of God to all his children; Ask and it shall be given you; seek and you will find; knock, and all the treasures of free grace shall be opened up to you. ‘Place at all times your faith and your hope on the Savior, this Rock of ages and you have no need to fear the troubles of life. These troubles you must not expect to escape. It is through many tribulations that the Christian is taken to Heaven. It is through fire and water that he is brought into the wealthy place. But your Savior will be present with you in every trial, and he will never suffer you to be overcome. In the darkest night of trouble and affliction, your hopes shall rest in heaven; and in your bosom shall dwell that peace which passeth understanding. In death, too, he shall be your friend and deliverer; and after death he shall receive you into that happy place where you shall be for ever rewarded with the smiles of His countenance.”


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