The idolators work

The time and effort it takes for a man to fashion an idol from stone, wood, or whatever he chooses must be a long process.
Such is in the case of a person who has attached themselves to a church and thinks they are worshipping the God of the bible. But when confronted with a doctrinal truth such as the doctrine of judgment or Hell is quickly offended and proclaims “That’s not my God, My God would never send anyone to Hell!” Why the offence? Why is there such a quick response of doubt about something so plain in scripture? It is because, all though this person has been in church awhile, they have created a god in their own imagination over a long period of time. They have not studied the bible to learn of and know the God of scripture, rather instead fill their minds with cuddly thoughts of a god of compromise, and not the holy God of justice. They fashion this god using the latest tools offered by godless men who write of myths and folly. They write from their own deceitful hearts convinced and convincing others that they are of God. This god they fashion with their imaginations, it is crafted from false information and doubters, who have never truly known the true God of the bible, yet write and speak of Him as if they know Him face to face like Moses. Christian! Turn away from idols and men who make them; whether by their hands or theirs minds, they are in the money making scheme of selling religion and know nothing of repentance. They have never wept over their sin and submitted their lives to the Lord ship of Christ! Buy truth and do not sell it Proverbs 23:23 it’s the truth of scripture that will lead you to know the true God and His son Jesus Christ whom He has sent which is eternal life. John 17:3 So! Cling to your idol that you have put so much work into over time by error, or tare it down and start fresh with a solid foundation of truth found only in scripture.


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