Believe not Satan’s lies against Christ

It is Satan’s design to corrupt the image of Christ to the believer when they sin. While the guilt is fresh in the mind and upon the conscience, Satan tries to hinder us from approaching the Jesus of scripture, presented to us as receiving of sinners. Our view of Him as the king of mercy becomes a king of judgment, poised and ready to execute justice the moment we fail. All this to destroy our confidence before the throne of grace, where we are invited to come and find mercy. Dear believer when did you ever read of Christ turning away those who came to Him? Rather we have His very own words in Matthew 11:28 which are ‘Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest’. The bruised reed will say, “yes, Christ says “come” but surly I am exempt because I have sinned much more than others and even against the light of knowledge” Look again oh weary believer, Jesus says “come unto me ALL…” This includes you! All are welcomed to Him for rest from sin and the pointless effort of trying to gain Him by your own righteousness. Yet Satan will lie and say you are a “Judas” set aside for perdition. That you among all others were appointed to fall and the scriptures that speak of falling away and it being impossible to renew unto repentance speak of you. Are you yet sorrowful for your sin? Have you sought to be cleansed by Christ blood and with Peter honestly say “Lord, where can we turn? You alone have the words of eternal life”. Then recognize this to be God’s continued mercy in you. Jesus says in John 6:44 “No man can come to me unless the father draws him” and that all the father gives Him, He will in no way cast out! If you are coming to Him, though stumbling along the way, be sure He is drawing you. No sinner would desire Christ apart from His drawing of them to Himself.

We have this hope, that God gives us a sure word which Paul expressed to Timothy saying “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ came into the world to save sinner, of whom I am chief” (1 Tim 1:15) If you are not a sinner, than you do not qualify for His salvation. Have you ever considered that? Not to say “let us sin that grace may abound” but salvation is for sinners who look to Christ for their hope. That is why there is a qualifying statement in Jesus’ invitation for “ALL” who are weary and heavy laden. In other words only those who fit the description of weary and heavy laden are welcome, contrary to those who are not burden by their sin and efforts at saving themselves. So the very sin you battle and fear will be the cause of His departing from you is the sin He welcomes you away from and offers freedom and rest from its ravaging effect. His very life and death are witnesses to His grand desire to save you from that sin your battle! Trust in Him ALL of you who strive against sin and seek rest. You will not find it in your own righteousness. Only in the true righteousness of Christ given to all who come to Him by faith receive rest. Trust in Gods supreme wisdom by which He demonstrated in the cross where His holy justice and holy mercy met! Justice against your sin, in punishing Christ the substitute, and mercy toward you by placing your sin on Him who knew no sin that you may be made the righteousness of God! A grand exchange took place there on Calvary! This is our hope dear, weary Christian! Jesus Christ crucified for ALL who trust Him!


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