Idolatry: Divided hearts

What is idolatry other than to divide the world up into parts and rather than worship and service the one true God who made the Heavens and earth, who is Lord over all, then to set our hearts on individual objects of desire and serve them for our own gain and pleasure? Let me explain.

The Bible declares that there is one God who is maker and sustainer of all things. As His creation, we are called to love and obey Him above all. When asked what the greatest commandment was, Jesus replied “To love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul” Matt 22:37). I heard one preacher say in response to the question “What is the greatest sin?” His reply was “I suppose the greatest sin is to break the greatest commandment”. Well I am not going to debate that, but only say if that’s the case, than everyone is the greatest sinner there is. How could everyone be the greatest sinner? You say, but that’s just it, there is no greater or lesser sinner. Romans 3:23 says that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. James writes “Whoever shall keep the whole law and stumble at one point, is guilty of all” (James 2:10) In other words if you break just one command, you are a law breaker and subject to punishment as if you broke all the commandments. SO whether it is stealing, or lying, or not honoring your parents, or looking with lust which Jesus said is to commit adultery in our hearts, all can be placed under breaking just one commandment and that is failing to love God with all our heart, mind and soul.

Many world religions are in idolatry for serving gods that represent different objects such as the sun, moon and stars, to animals, ext. Each god promises something different to its worshippers such as rain or good crops or success. Some demand the most strictest and cruel subjection such as self mutilation or even child sacrifice. This is how we know they are nothing but demons posing as gods. Other than the fact that we, as Christians, believe there is only one true God according to scripture.

But what of the people who do not practice such forms of worship and believe there are many gods? What about more modern nations such as Europe, and America? What seems to be the driving force behind individuals in a modern society that does not manifest its self in idol worship and lifestyles of worshipping many different false deities? Well not much is different. Rather than serve God, the modern man has opted to serve the creation rather than the creator just like foreign religions. Instead of serve God who gives us food, clothes, and or the things we need, he has given his heart and strength to serve and obtain things. This is seen in the obvious obsession and accumulation of wealth to such a degree that it reeks of material worship and excess. Drugs are sold, people are robbed, and lives are lost for the pursuit of material things. This is the length people are willing to go for such gain. Others put more of a sophisticated, self justifying mask on it, but still rather than serving God, they serve money, saying it is good stewardship or an honorable pursuit of comfort for their families. The end is only comfort and pleasure rather than the glory of God.

So the question I ask myself, and you reader, is your heart divided? Is your pursuit to have a whole heart dedicated to service and worship the one true God over all, or is there others things you desire, equal or greater than Him? (Not to say there is anything equal or greater than God, but is your desire of things equal or greater than your desire for Him) The truth is none of us have ever loved God the way He deserves. We have not worshipped Him completely without self getting in the way. That is why I phrased it the way I did. “Is it your (pursuit) to have a whole heart dedicated” Too pursue something is to have an object or goal in mind and to set our efforts and desires to obtain that end. It is a progress, not yet arriving. How do we know this is our one true goal? It is evidenced in our daily conformity to God’s word. Every day we have before us the will of God written in the Bible. Do you seek to know it and walk in it for his glory or is your day consisting in pursuit of selfish gain, not having God or His ways in your mind at all?

Flee idolatry. It will find its way into every part of your life because there are many things in this world to desire. Satan and the world have many substitutes for Christ. They all fail in ability to truly comfort fulfill the believers heart. Always remember our comfort and satisfaction does not come in our ability to obey God, but in His already accomplished obedience on our behalf, and through His cross and resurrection we have life.

Let us serve the one true God through Jesus Christ his one and only begotten son with all our hearts and life. Christianity is a full on pursuit of the glory of the one true God who made the entire universe and is in control of all! It’s not just a part of many religions in the world, but the one true religion handed to us on earth from Heaven to know and to love the God over all.


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