The God-fearing Mother

Proverbs 31 say’s “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” They are in fact rare because unfortunately we don’t find them in every home. I suppose the same could be said about faithful men in our day. But every so often I come across an article or story about a women who lives, or had lived, who was one of those rare jewels of the Christian faith. Now only God knows the heart of any person, but we have the privilege of observing the fruit of God’s grace in these individuals. Perhaps your own mother, or your wife is one of these women who, by God’s grace, stand out in Christian love and virtue. The reason for this short blog is to direct your attention to a woman who recently went home to be with her Lord, Jesus Christ. It is the mother of Dr. Joel- Beeke who has created a series of blog post entitled, The Legacy of my God-fearing Mother. 

Do yourself a favor and read through them and be encourage and challenged in the Lord by this woman’s life and love for Jesus.


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